Is CBD safe to give to my pets?

The CBD market has seen a huge increase in the last year or so and now there are people out there that are asking the question, are there CBD products for my pets?

I am pleased to tell you that the answer is yes. CBDfx has specially formulated a Pet Series of CBD Oil which can be added to your pet’s food and they will be able to ingest it. The Pet Series CBD oil is a natural supplement which is made from simple ingredients that are shown to be safe for consumption for our furry friends. CBDfx has stated on their website: “Pet CBD Oil helps bring possible relief to dogs suffering from pain, anxiety, loss of appetite, and other conditions.” For most people their pet isn’t just an animal but is a member of the family and if CBD has the potential of benefiting humans, why can’t we look after our furry friends too?

What most of us fail to realise is that cannabis based compounds have been included as ingredients in animal foods for centuries and even in this day and age, farmers choose to use hemp products within their animals feed all the time.

There are three strengths of CBD Pet Series Oil, but why?

The range is made up of three different dosages of CBD which is suited to your pet by size. What do we mean by this I hear you ask? Well, if you have a smaller pet such as a rabbit or cat then it is advised to use the lower of the three doses of 150mg of CBD, for medium sized animals weighing under 20 pounds, such as small to medium sized dogs weight between 20 to 60 pounds, the 300mg would be best and last but by no means least, the 600mg CBD pet oil would be for larger breeds of dogs weighing in at 60 pounds or above.

But why choose the CBDfx Pet Series for your animal?

CBDfx believes that your pet deserves the best product they currently have to offer and this is why we have their Pet Series of CBD oil on UK CBD STORE.

So you would like to know more about the CBD oil?

Ok, then let’s break it down a little. The CBD that is used within the CBD oil is extracted using a CO2 and is full spectrum rather than isolate. We have a guide online already which breaks down the difference between these two types of CBD, Full Spectrum and Isolate, which makes for interesting reading (if I do say so myself). The full spectrum CBD oil within the Pet Series that is used, carefully omits the presence of THC, the compound found in cannabis that makes the user feel “high”.

Just like their CBD products that CBDfx have created for humans, the Pet Series is expertly crafted using only the highest quality natural ingredients such as coconut oil, hemp oil and

I have added the link below to all three of the Pet Series CBD oils for you to have a little look at and if you need any help on these products then please feel free to email our customer service team on and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future.