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Arima CBD - Pure 300mg CBD 30ml Balm

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This CBD Balm from Arima is 100% organic created using the purest full spectrum CBD extracts. Daily usage provides you with the botanical benefits you need to rejuvenate your skin and helping repair blemishes. Allowing you to unwind, soothe and revitalise.

Apply daily to your skin, may be used all over your body, including your face, neck and hands. Regularly massage gently onto the area as needed, avoiding open wounds and contact with eyes.

Product Overview:

Arima CBD is manufactured by one of the only companies to hold a grower's license in the UK. The CBD is extracted using a CO2 fluid extracted CBD ensuring all the phytonutrients including a full range of Full Spectrum Cannabinoids and Terpenes which is GMO and Pesticide free and contains less than 0.2% THC. All of the Arima CBD products are Lab tested (Lab is an official CBD UK testing site contracted by the CTA). All Arima CBD products are Vegan friendly, eco friendly, cruelty free and are made in controlled small batches. Arima only uses the highest quality CBD that is verified by Lab certificates. All products are tested in ‘raw’ form and when shelf ready. Their products are infused with the finest oils to make the best quality CBD experience. Arima is an innovative clinically researched CBD oil food supplement, helping to improve daily life.