Ozmos CBD offer you a range of CBD e-liquids that will leave you with a sense of calming, relaxing and therapeutic feeling with every inhale, Ozmos's full spectrum CBD e-liquids deliver a smooth ripple of delectable flavour for a truly gratifying buzz.

Vaping is the most effective way of getting CBD into your system — and you will get to reap the rewards of it much faster. From quick pain and muscle strain relief to more long-term gains such as lessened anxiety and improvements in mood and general wellbeing, CBD vaping juices are both restorative and stimulating.

All of Ozmos's CBD liquids are 100% organic and use a full spectrum CBD formula, which means you get to experience the benefits of a wider range of cannabinoids including CBDA, CBG CBGA, CBC, CBCA as well as THCA and THCV under 0.2%. This translates into a better absorption rate and more pleasurable sensations when vaping. Plus, you get to unlock additional CBD healing properties.

Customize your experience with 3 delicious flavours (mango, rhubarb & custard and blueberry).