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What is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound which is found in Sativa L strains of cannabis and hemp plants. CBD is extracted from the plants and then mixed with other ingredients to make a whole host of different CBD infused products. A good example of these would be CBD Edibles, CBD Vape Juices and CBD Oil Tinctures.

What are CBD Edibles?

A CBD edible is an everyday food products such as cookies or gummy sweets which have been infused with either Full Spectrum or Isolate CBD. Edible CBD gummies, CBD Sweets or CBD Candy would be the main product type and tend to be the most popular choice of CBD infused edibles.

What about CBD Vape Juice?

CBD Vape Juice follows a similar pattern as the edibles. The vape juice is mixed with a variant of CBD (Isolate or Concentrate), which would then create a CBD e-liquid. CBD e-liquids are not for everyone and there are products such as vape shots which can be added to any e-liquid to turn them into a CBD vape juice.

What deos CBD Oil or Tinctures mean?

A CBD oil tincture would refer to a type of product which usually contains a high dose of CBD, extracted from the bottle by a pipette and drops would be placed under your tongue. The liquid should be kept under the tongue for a period of around 10 seconds before being swallowed. We have a selection of Tinctures in our CBD tincture category which we think you will enjoy using.


Will CBD get me high?

CBD is non psychoactive and will not get you high.

How does CBD work?

CBD binds to receptors all over the body via it’s endocannabinoid system

Is CBD a natural product?

Yes CBD is natural and comes from hemp. There are various ways of extracting CBD from the hemp plant.

Where do CBD product come from?

Various manufacturers produce CBD products, although we hand select each and every product found on UK CBD STORE. The CBD products shown are of the highest quality and are supplied directly from verified hemp farms within the UK and from across the globe. Companies such as CBDfx, Bradley’s, Aztec CBD and many more, all have one thing in common, their love for CBD product production.

Each product goes through rigorous testing, in order to ensure that the products you use are the best anyone can get!