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CBD Gummies and CBD Sweets


Hello everyone and welcome to UK CBD STORE! This is going to be a great guide that you can really sink your teeth into, especially as it is all about CBD Edibles. CBD Edibles are a yummy treat which has been infused with CBD. These are to be chewed and swallowed, or just swallowed in the form of a soft capsule, just like you would with any other candy / gummy sweets, although these will contain additional CBD.

CBD Gummies, are they for me?

We currently have CBD Gummies from different manufacturers available, and there is something here for everyone. But Whether you prefer hard candy coated in honey or squidgy gummy bears, all of them can be found in our CBD Edibles Category. We currently stock products from big-name CBD brands such as CBDfx, Aztec and Bradley’s.

So then, edibles make getting your daily dose of CBD very easy as well as tasting great at the same time! The CBD is digested into your system over a longer period of time as opposed to vaping which is an almost instant hit of CBD. These gummies or hard candies can also be used by people who choose not to use CBD vaping products too!

There are two types of CBD used in edibles which would be either full spectrum or isolate. We currently have both types of products available online. So let’s look into two types in more detail, in order to give you a better understanding and hopefully help you choose the best possible product for your personal use.

Gummy Bears

These full spectrum infused gummies offer a tasty way to receive your daily dose of CBD. Each pack contains 8 gummy bears which contain a total of 5mg CBD per bear. CBDfx state that the daily recommended dosage should be 2 bears, therefore, they advise taking 2 gummies (10mg of CBD) per day.

Bradleys Gummy Bears

Bradley’s have gone down a different route of producing their gummies. They have created a sour and tangy gummy treat which is coated in CBD Isolate and sour sugar to give you that candy shop feeling while delivering a dosage of 10mg per gummy. These gummies contain both natural and artificial flavours and come in a handy pouch of 20.

Aztec Gummy Bears

Aztec have attempted to break the mold and came up with the idea of creating honey coated hard candy. Each hard candy contains 5mg of full spectrum CBD which is made from 100% hemp. Using full spectrum CBD within these hard candies will deliver CBD into your body in a truly delightful way.

CBDFX Capusules

CBD Hemp Capsules are a CBD supplement which is a great way to ingest a higher dose of 25mg of full spectrum CBD per capsule. The soft gel capsules can easily be swallowed and will release the CBD into your body over a longer period of time once digested. The capsules come in either a pouch of 8 or in a bottle of 30 containing a one month supply.

Whichever edibles you choose, they will offer a tasty way to intake your CBD and this is as important in itself as the CBD because you wouldn’t want something that tastes nasty. CBD Edibles are increasing in popularity all of the time and there are more variations of this type of CBD infused product being created all the time.


If you would like any further information on CBD edibles or any other CBD products then our helpful staff are standing by to answer your emails. You can reach them on where they will be able to help you with any advice you need.