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Making a CBD e liquid or CBD vape juice


The time has come to have an in-depth look into an exciting new product that is currently on the shelves of UK CBD STORE, CBD Vape Shots!

CBD Vape shots come in a variety of different sizes and strengths, which can be added to a bottle of e-liquid to transform it from a “normal” e-liquid into a CBD infused e-liquid. The most common size of CBD Vape Shot is either 2ml or 10ml and the strengths would be either 250mg, 500mg or 1000mg of CBD.

A person’s tolerance for CBD can differ quite dramatically based on gender, build and how much they have used previously. For example, a 20 stone male would be more likely to have a higher tolerance than a 9 stone female. This can also be affected by diet, for instance, if you have eaten a lot of food and then use CBD you may find the effects are less than that of someone who has used CBD on an empty stomach.


So how does a CBD Vape Shot Work?

A CBD Vape Shot is an additive which can be used within e-liquid, beverages or food. In this instance, we will be discussing the use of CBD in e-liquids. We have CBD shots from a range of companies with the newest ones being from LDN LIQ. LDN LIQ's CBD Shots are available in either an Isolate CBD Shot or a Full Spectrum CBD Shot.

You would need to have 2 products to be able to do this (which may seem quite obvious), a Short Fill bottle of E-Liquid and a CBD Vape Shot. The CBD Vape shot would normally come in either 250mg, 500mg or 1000mg depending on your preference and required dosages of CBD, this would depend on which is best for you.

We have included a guide showing exactly how to mix CBD below:

How to mix E-Liquids with CBD Shots
CBD Shots - Mixing Guide 500mg
CBD Shots - Mixing Guide 500mg


We understand that CBD may still be confusing. If this is the case, then please feel free to email our customer services team on and they will be happy to answer any questions you may still have.