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Canavape CBD - Blue Scante E-Liquid

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Canavape Blue Scante is a CBD E-Liquid in a 50:50 PG/VG Blend. Blue Scante is a CBD Flavoured E-liquid similar to Heisenberg, 5 citrus fruity undertones and a seriously cool sensation upon exhale.

Available in different strengths in 20ml bottles featuring 200mg CBD and 400mg CBD.

Taste: 5 fruity citrus flavours with a seriously cool exhale

Contents: 20ml liquid in a glass bottle with pipette

All 20ml & 30ml Canavape E-Liquids have a 10:1 CBD:CBG ratio. 
(200mg CBD - 20mg CBG, 400mg CBD - 40mg CBG)

Country of Manufacturer: UK