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CBD Asylum VAS Pure Petroleum Jelly 1000mg CBD 100ml


Introducing to you.
CBD Vas, CBD Infused pure petroleum jelly! It contains the same ultra-pure petroleum jelly as literally the most popular topical relief product on the planet but with a hefty 1000mg CBD per 100ml tub to give you an even more versatile product. Use it on literally anything!

The rare tropical disease you contracted while on a pilgrimage to Machu Picchu? Yes, you guessed it!

- Ultra versatile CBD Vas, made to work perfectly for lips.
- Fragrance-free so it’s ultra kind to skin
- 1000mg per 100ml strength
- Suitable for the whole family
- Moisturises, soothes, and heals
- 100ml tub

Ingredients: White Pure Petroleum Jelly, Cannabidiol

THC content<0.2%