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Rest, Rise and Recover with fourfivecbd

Rest, Rise and Recover with fourfivecbd

Hey everyone, welcome to a brand new CBD blog! This time we will be looking into an exciting new CBD Company from the UK, fourfivecbd

Founded by George Kruis and Dom Day (International Rugby players), fourfivecbd is a UK manufacturer of high quality CBD products which have been designed by athletes for athletes (and everyone else who wants to enjoy the benefits of CBD). They decided upon venturing into the wonderful world of CBD after they were both looking for a natural product to help with managing their symptoms after suffering sports injuries. When they tried CBD oil, both of them found that it allowed them to maintain an active lifestyle too!

As professional sportsmen, it is vitally important to themselves and their clubs what products they put into their bodies. George and Dom founded fourfivecbd to create the highest organic grade products on the market. All of fourfivecbd’s products are 100% natural, use full spectrum CBD and are 3rd party lab tested, allowing you to maintain your active lifestyle too.

They are a forward thinking company who are always pioneering the most innovative products and technology available. By staying ahead of their competitors, their aim is that fourfivecbd will become the go to, number 1 CBD brand in the UK within 5 years!

I have tried their products and now choose to use the 500mg Orange flavoured CBD Oil in my daily routine. The flavour of this CBD Oil is really nice with citrus notes and due to being a spray tincture it is very easy to use. I simply use 2 sprays of the 500mg Orange flavoured CBD Oil under my tongue in the morning and 2 in the evening before going to sleep. I have noticed an improvement in my own sleep pattern but with all CBD products this may or may not work the same for everyone.

Currently fourfivecbd has a range of products which includes CBD Oil, either with natural or orange flavoured options. They have also created CBD Capsules which are infused in inulin powder (which allows for a better rate of digestion and longer shelf life) as well as a 45ml CBD Balm containing 250mg of CBD for external topical use. The final product they have available is their 0% THC CBD Oil, which was created as a direct response to demand from fellow professional athletes,  who have seen the benefits of taking CBD but are concerned about where CBD comes from and whether it might contain banned substances. Now, professional athletes subject to drug testing can enjoy the benefits that CBD can offer, with fourfivecbd’s 0% THC 1000mg CBD Oil, being the safest and most rigorously tested CBD products available. The 0% THC 1000mg CBD Oil from fourfivecbd’s product range is also the only product to be tested for cross contamination of banned substances and is certified by the Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG) making this the safest product for use by anyone who would be drug tested.

If you would like to find out more about the difference between Full Spectrum and Isolate CBD then our guide will be a great source of information and if this does not answer all of your questions then you can always contact our customer services team on via email.

Enjoy the rest of your day and remember to Rest, Rise and Recover with fourfivecbd.

Bye for now!

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