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Reakiro CBD has arrived!

Reakiro CBD has arrived!

Hey everyone and welcome to my blog about Reakiro CBD!

Let’s have a little look at who Reakiro are and their aims and goals to take the CBD world by storm...

Reakiro is a leading company, setting the standards for CBD production across Europe. The company is made up of a team of passionate professionals, who all share the same core value of helping reintroduce the natural properties of hemp into people’s lives.

Prior to the establishment of the company in 2017, the team spent two years researching the best land to grow the hemp whilst gathering the technological expertise needed to master their extraction process. From the seeds in the ground, in the best fields located in Spain, Latvia, and Poland, to the final product on the shelf, Reakiro gives full traceability of their products - including Certificates of Authenticity for every product. Reakiro wishes to help change the world, naturally. By sharing with people the ways in which CBD can help to promote improved health and wellness, the way Mother Nature intended!

So how did I find their products?

Let me break down one of their products into as much detail as possible. Starting with their branding, which I have to say I like. It is clean, simple and provides the right amount of information for me to know exactly what I am going to be using before I even take out the bottle. The bottles, inside of the tube packaging, are 10ml in capacity and are made from glass with a little pipette dropper which made refilling my vaping tank very easy indeed and completing the elegant look and feel of the products they produce.

Now on to the “juicy” bit, the e-liquid inside.

I had the pleasure of trying out Choco Mint from Reakiro’s CBD range of e-liquids. Upon opening the bottle I received the smell of rich chocolate straight up my nostrils. Although normally I prefer fruity vapes I really enjoyed this CBD Vape Juice and it reminded me, flavour wise, of an “After Eight” dinner mint with rich dark chocolate encasing a sweet yet minty inner. This really was a pleasant vape and the flavour is one that danced on my tongue for around 3 - 5 minutes after the last puff.

Reakiro have a great range of CBD products from a really great company! Currently Reakiro has a range of 6 e-liquid aromas including favourites such as Blueberry, Strawberry and Menthol. They really do have a flavour that will suit all tastes.

I think this could be one of the best CBD e-liquids I have ever tried and as mentioned above, I normally would choose a fruity flavour over a chocolate / dessert vape any day. All of Reakiro’s products use the highest quality full spectrum CBD and I feel this is why I got on so well with them as I prefer using Full Spectrum over Isolate personally.

If you need any further information please feel free to email us at and I look forward to seeing you in the next post. Until next time my friends, goodbye!
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