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Welcome to the Ignited Kingdom!

Welcome to the Ignited Kingdom!

Welcome everyone! Today, I have some great news! We have teamed up with Ignite CBD to bring you their whole range of products on UK CBD STORE! Ignite CBD is the brainchild of the high stakes poker player, Dan Bilzerian. Like some of his bluffs and big wins playing high stakes poker, Ignite CBD is also very impressive!

In 2018, the former business and criminology student burst on to the CBD market with his brand Ignite CBD, but which products make up this exciting new range?

The staple CBD product for most CBD companies around the world is their CBD Oil, which is usually available in a tincture. Ignite CBD is no different, they have created their incredible CBD Oil Drops that contain CBD Hemp Extract, MCT Oils, Essential Oils and Stevia. The Ignite CBD Oil Drops contain a CBD content of 1200mg per 30ml bottle (40mg/ml) making them one of the highest dosage of CBD Oils available. The Ignite CBD Oil comes in a variety of different flavours including Cucumber Lemon & Mint, Blood Orange, Tropical Fruit, Lavender and they are also available in a natural unflavoured hemp option too! 

This makes their CBD Oil Drops a great choice for everybody, as Ignite CBD has tried to find flavours that appeal to everyone, so if the Lavender is not your number one choice, you might find that the Blood Orange is a great option instead, as this would all depend on your own personal taste preference.

A lot of vapers have started using pod kits and they have increased in popularity over the last year or so. Ignite has created a Rechargeable Pod Kit that utilises a vast choice of pods that are prefilled with 250mg CBD infused vape juice. The Ignite One Vape Pen is a compact and stylish interchangeable pod device and it features a non-slip black rubber finish and is coupled with a matt ceramic coating. The device has an amazing build quality and it could easily become a go to vape kit for many who enjoy the benefits of using CBD. 

The e-liquid within the Ignite CBD Vape Pod is an all natural, hemp derived CBD Oil that contains natural terpenes and is designed to be vaped. There are 6 different flavours available and all have a fruity flavour profile. All of the pods will contain 250mg of CBD but please be aware that the pods will not contain THC, therefore the user will not get any psychoactive effects. This compound (THC) within Cannabis plants still remains illegal within the United Kingdom while CBD is fully legal.

If you are someone like me, who is always on the go, then the Ignite CBD Disposable Vape Pen will be perfect and it has even been awarded the title of the “Best CBD Vape Pen” at the High Times Cannabis Cup. This ingeniously designed pen style disposable pen kit contains 150mg of CBD and will deliver 1-2mg with each 3 second puff, making this a very simple and discreet way to intake all naturally derived CBD.

The last product that Ignite CBD has within its range is a 50mg CBD Lip Balm. The CBD Lip Balm is made with 99% CBD Isolate meaning this balm will leave your lips feeling nourished and soft. CBD Lip Balm By Ignite CBD is a truly unique CBD infused take on the ordinary lip balm featuring the incredible burst of fresh tropical Mango, natural hemp flavoured or a relaxing mix of cucumber, lemon and mint make this lip balm extremely high quality and contains a number of skin supporting ingredients such as Shea butter, Cocoa, Beeswax and essential oils. 

What a great range that Ignite CBD has created!

I can honestly say that I have not found such a great range of products and it feels that they have all been tailored to me too. There is not a single product from their entire range that I would not use on a daily basis. 

If you would like to see all of the Ignite CBD products then we have our handy Ignite CBD collection page which makes it very easy for you to browse. If you were to need any help regarding the Ignite CBD products or any other products on UK CBD STORE, then you can reach our customer services team via email on

That is all from me for today, so I hope to catch you next time and hope you will enjoy using Ignite CBD.

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