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Canavape ECS Gold Drops Oral Tinctures

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Canavape ECS Gold Drops Oral Tinctures is an everyday strength multi-cannabinoid oil that is packed with both CBD and CBG properties. A potent hemp tincture extracted from organically sourced hemp helps to maintain, support and optimise the endocannabinoid system, and one of the only oral products on the market to offer a concentrated amount of CBG and CBD.

Available in 30ml bottle filled with 3%, 6% or 12% Total Cannabinoids.

3% Bottle:
750mg (2.5%) Cannabidiol (CBD) per bottle
150mg (0.5%) Cannabigerol (CBG) per bottle

6% Bottle:
1500mg (5%) Cannabidiol (CBD) per bottle
300mg (1%) Cannabigerol (CBG) per bottle

12% Bottle:
3000mg (10.0%) Cannabidiol (CBD) per bottle
600mg (2.0%) Cannabigerol (CBG) per bottle

Contents: 30ml bottle.

Country of Manufacturer: UK

Please note: The CBD is non-psychoactive and the oils have a THC content of 0.2% or below.

Please Note: The 12% strength is due to expire at the end of November.

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